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Display Stand - Solar Keyrings

From $3.50
Colour: Tasmania
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Display Stand - 3D Sticker Solar Keyring

381 x 381 x 1829 mm wooden display stand. Full name range in a flashing solar panel, flip over for 3D sticker. Powered by any light source and no need for batteries, this best selling, flashing stand will always grab the customers attention. 


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    Price for 2 per hook
    Price for 4 per hook
    Price for 6 per hook
    Tasmania Sticker $3.95* $3.75* $3.50*
    Australia Sticker $3.95*
    $3.75* $3.50*
    Custom Sticker $3.95* $3.75* $3.50*
    Prices are per item as ordered with full display stand, excluding GST and freight.
    *Opening offer only